Fleet Management

Within our industry of vehicle leasing and fleet management there are many complex issues and decisions affecting your business that need to be addressed on a daily basis - we are here to help.

Taxation, vehicle specifications, funding products, duty of care, the environment....the list is endless and within this complex array of issues and challenges you need to be able to deliver what is best for your company, your drivers and you.

But remember you are not in this alone, we are here to help. With over 25 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge across a vast array of disciplines, products and services we are here to make your job easier and optimise the fleet that you run.


Are you managing the true cost of running your fleet?

Effectively managing a fleet of company vehicles can be a significant drain on a company's financial and operational resources. 

Whether this is achieved through an in-house team, an outsourced fleet management partner, or combination of the two, effectively managing each and every element can be a mammoth task.

Why is it so difficult? Quite simply, the modern fleet operator must take into consideration an ever increasing number of variables. From protecting the environment and managing driver risk, through to employee retention and long term efficiency gains, the pressure has never been greater to optimise your company's fleet operations.

If this is not challenging enough, the current economic climate means that these objectives must be achieved whilst delivering significant and measurable cost savings.

So, is it really possible to continually do more for less? Or will the continual demand to reduce costs inevitably put longer term objectives at risk?

If you need to reduce costs today whilst still safeguarding longer term goals, just click on The Solution find out how we can help.

Understanding and reducing the true cost of running your fleet

To have the maximum effect, it is important to approach each element in a structured manner and identify where there are opportunities to do things differently without negatively impacting longer term strategic goals. 

Yet it is by successfully balancing the complete mix of requirements and truly understanding the total cost of ownership that a realistic long term solution can be created.

For example, low monthly rentals set at the start of the contract may seem attractive now, but what happens if your vehicle usage or service requirements change. 

Of course, many companies offer risk or profit-sharing arrangements.  However, as you look for new ways to control expenditure, do these agreements really take into account all the variables that make up your direct fleet costs?

Hilton Vehicle Leasing has built it’s reputation on being fair in our quote Calculation and we still pride ourselves on providing the highest level of cost transparency and flexibility. We do not want to be the here today gone tomorrow company that attracts the internet trawlet. In fact, by proactively managing your fleet and analyzing your current and future needs we try to lower the total cost of ownership and still deliver the highest standards of service and support which far out wieghs any of the brokered internet offers.

So, for fresh ideas on how to reduce fleet costs without putting longer term goals at risk, just call 0845 189 8037 or email 

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