Budget: SMEs face £4,000 hike in fuel costs

New figures illustrate that an SME business running a fleet of 20 transit vans will see its fuel costs leap by moreBUDGET than £300 per month if George Osborne ratifies plans to raise fuel duty in September.   

The figures are based upon an average fleet size for an SME business, with each van typically covering 30,000 miles per year.  

With more than 80% of small firms relying on vehicles for their work, any rise in fuel duty would put more pressure on the nation’s hard pressed firms   

Hilton Vehicle Leasing have a penel of experts helping small businesses throughout the country who rely upon their vehicles to carry out their day to day activities whilst keeping a reign on the escalating costs.

A three pence rise in fuel duty would deliver a significant blow to small businesses, many of which are already facing challenging economic conditions and rising costs.

While it is important to keep an eye on the prices at the pump, we beleive that companies need to focus on factors that they are able to control in order to minimise costs and offset the rise in fuel duty, such as carefully monitoring driver behaviour.

Fleet managers must take proactive steps to ensure that drivers are given fuel efficient vehicles where possible but more importantly that they are taught how to drive them efficiently, plan their routes effectively, and not make uneccesary journeys.

Fuel efficient driving techniques will not only reduce fuel costs but will also increase safety and lower maintenance and repair costs all of which will have an overall saving on the running costs. 

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