Honda CR-V 5dr 2.0i-MMD Hybrid EX CVT Review

So how does it drive?

As soon as we set off the car accelerated with a whiff of a budget Rolls Royce, in a sort of effortless glide as the automatic gearbox was very smooth and there appeared to be no sign that the vehicle was changing gear, giving a sense of a fully electric vehicle. When slowing and then setting off again there was no judder as the car tried to work out what gear it should have been in. The switch from electric to petrol mode was seamless and subtle. Overall the ride and general driving experience was a very pleasant one. And if you’re on the lookout for a car to cruise in comfort, the CR-V might be for you.

What’s it like on the inside?

THonda CRV Interiorhe seating and general comfort of the car got a good vote from the whole team. Although that being said, working out the speed limiter and the adaptive cruise control proved a challenge. And that is the theme with most of the controls, all proving to be less than user friendly with too many buttons. As well as the infotainment system being less than impressive. Its menus are needlessly complicated and the screen is sluggish in its response time. Even the climate controls are a bit of a faff just to change the temperature to where you want it. With all that being said, overall the interior is a nice place to be with its mix of wood and leather and the panoramic roof stopped a black interior feeling too dark.  

As for the boot, it is definitely a competitive size. Whether it’s shopping, luggage or large buggies you’re looking to fit in, the CR-V will definitely accommodate your needs. You get a variable height boot floor, this gives you a very tall boot in the lowest setting. The upper setting can be used to create an underfloor compartment alongside bringing the floor flush with the tailgate opening, enabling you to get your heavier items in with greater ease. When you fold down the rear seats they’ll leave you with a step in the floor; raising the boot floor also removes this to leave a completely flat extended load area.

What safety features does the car have?

As standard on the CR-V you will get a rear face camera when reversing, parking sensors, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition and lane keeping assistance. As you go up the range, SR gives you blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert to warn you of approaching vehicles when reversing.

Honda CRV interior back

What are the running cost of the CR-V?

Road Tax (year 1)


Road Tax (annual)


Road Tax Band


Insurance category group


How does it compare to some of its rivals?

Compared to other large hybrid SUVs the Honda is a cheaper option compared to some of its rivals, as well as it being better equipped as standard than them.

Here are some of the CR-Vs rivals:

Mini Countryman Hybrid

£31,000 - £33,000

Volvo XC60 Hybrid

£38,000 - £64,000

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

£36,000 - £46,000

What’s the final verdict?

Overall the CR-V hybrid is a solid performer in its class and has some strong selling points. The interior was well put together and felt good quality and the styling on the outside was smart but not necessarily anything you would look twice at. Overall the looks of the car were a plus point. 

Engine size

1993 cc

0 – 60 mph

9.2 seconds

Top speed

112 mph


643 miles


4x4 wheel drive. Automatic.

Fuel economy

51 MPG


36 months / 90000 miles

Luggage capacity

Rear seats up: 497 litres. Rear seats down: 1638 litres.













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