Mileage Correction and the Law

Automotive Software Soutions have developed Vehicle-DNA as a point of collection vehicle provenance, diagnostic and data integration tool, providing intelligence that goes beyond the physical condition of the vehicle. 

This allows the vehicle to be described accurately, and can spot odometer fraud.  

Tim Hudson, director, Automotive Software Solutions, said: “Prevention is better than prosecution. The most powerful deterrent is the customer being aware that undisclosed odometer correction is a crime and crucially that you have measures in place to detect it.

“Using our industry knowledge we developed Vehicle-DNA with the intent to go further than the physical inspection to include details of the mechanical condition of the vehicle using diagnostic tools to highlight potentially expensive issues with the core systems of the vehicle.”

Industry representative bodies are pursuing the issue of legal mileage correction services with Government agencies, however, given the uncertainty with Parliament and Brexit, it has not been giving as much attention as these bodies would like, it says.

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