Vehicle Leasing: What you see isn't always what you get.

  • Does your current provider offer genuine fleet management consultancy throughout the term of a lease contract (as opposed to simply taking orders for new orders for new cars when profit opportunities arise)?

  • Are they a secure business? How long have they been trading? Search them here at Companies House. 

  • Can they give you upfront advice on damage recharges or undertaking contract rewrites, extensions or early terminations, during the term of a lease, to save you money?

  • If you increase your mileage, or you’re not doing the mileage on the lease contract because, for example, an employee has left and their replacement doesn’t cover the same kind of area, will you be able to amend the contract downwards in mileage to save money

  • Check the company small print. Are they a VAT registered company, how long have they been established. 

  • Do they own the vehicles or are they just a "bedroom broker" It's no good if the company that are quoting you have 1 member of staff, a mobile phone and work above a garage. 

  • Do they have a bona fide trading address and a written complaints procedure?

  • Do they deal with a range of different funders and deal groups to meet customers’ specific requirements and deliver the best deals

  • Are they asking for a big upfront deposit? Unless you are ordering a very exclusive vehicle, there is rarely any need to pay a large ‘holding deposit’ to anyone. Most first payments /deposits are taken by Direct Debit after the delivery of your new vehicle and paid direct to the leasing company.

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