Contract Hire

Contract Hire is more than just a form of funding your companies vehicles, it has become the most prominent for of fleet funding in recent years..................and for many good reasons.  

Contract Hire is a form of operating lease where a vehicle is supplied over a fixed period (normally 2 to 4 years) for a fixed monthly rental.

It has become the most prominent form of fleet funding in the past few years for many good reasons as it is much more than simply a form of funding.

In essence Contract Hire provides a full operational solution to the acquisition, maintenance and disposal of company vehicles and can be linked to total online and/or outsourcing solutions to form a completely managed fleet facility.

 The main benefits of Contract Hire are:ag 08clubman2



Removing the Hidden Charges:
If you have used Contract Hire in the past but have been 'hurt' by hidden costs, such as exaggerated early termination costs, penalty excess mileage charges or inflated end of contract condition costs, it's not that you have chosen the wrong product, just that you have chosen the wrong supplier! 

Hilton Vehicle Leasing have what we believe is the most unique total contract offering in the UK leasing industry and ensure that such hidden penalty costs don't exist. We want clients to remain as such for many years and appreciate that trying to make a short term gain is the fastest way to lose you.

 Contact us by email or call us on 0845 189 8037 to arrange a meeting or just to have a discussion with one of our experts and discover more about how our unique benefits will ensure you are never hurt by such practices again.

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