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Technology advances, the rise of PCP and lease funding, and a legal loophole that allows 'mileage correction' have combined to create the perfect incubator for mileage fraud. 


There are a number of car checks you can perform both around the car and under the bonnet to help keep it in good running order and prevent a can’t maintain some things yourself. 

Getting your hands dirty under the bonnet might sound like something you should leave to the professionals, but there’s no reason why

Spending five minutes carrying out these simple checks every few weeks - and certainly before a long journey or an MOT - can save you a lot of time and money in the long run, not to mention help keep you safe on the roads.

To keep things simple, here are 12 simple car checks you can carry out today to keep your car safely on the road and on the right side of the law. 

Car Maintenance

Is the new Jaguar I Pace the electric car for the true petrolhead?   

I Pace







Is the new Ford Focus Active really a good alternative to the saturated crossover market? We put it to the test!

ford focus active estate white 2019 004

We tested out the new Honda CR-V Hybrid to see how it fairs against the competition

Honda CRV Hybrid









Carmaker follows Volvo in spelling an end for petrol or diesel-only cars, despite not making any electric vehicles at present


The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will replace the T-Charge from 8 April 2019.








Suzuki Jimny SUV receives 'record-breaking' residual value forecast



The plug-in car grant will be cut by £1,000 and no longer apply to hybrid cars with a range of less than 70 zero emission miles, from November 12th.

Renault Zoe







The BMW Group has published revised fuel economy and emissions data for its entire model range, under the new WLTP test procedure.







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