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Electric Vehicles: The Basics

How far can electric cars drive? Where can you charge an EV? Is going electric right for you?
Find out more with our no-nonsense guide. Get up to speed, and get the real facts.


Electric cars are now cheaper!

“Electric cars are around £131 a month cheaper to own and run than petrol or diesel equivalents!”

Electric cars offer great value over the longer term, with exceptional fuel and tax savings, plus sizeable grants on offer. Much like any car, the cost of buying an electric vehicle will depend on make, model and features. The good news is that there are now plenty of vehicles on the market to suit most people.

The top line: how much could you save?

  • Get £3,000 towards the purchase of an electric car with a government grant

  • Take advantage of a £350 grant if you install a home charger

  • No road tax, no congestion charges, much lower fuel costs

  • Plus, substantial tax savings if you’re a business owner

Charging an electric car is easy

“There are over 34,000 charging points up and down the country.”

Fuelling your car is now more convenient and cheaper than ever - you can do it at home! You don’t have to go to the petrol station.
You can even charge at many car parks all around the UK while you shop, work and play. On longer trips, you may have to stop at a rapid charger and get a coffee while the battery tops up. 

The top line: is it really that easy?

  • Charge at home with an ordinary plug and socket

  • A grant is available to install a faster home charger

  • There are tens of thousands of roadside chargers

  • Motorway stations allow you to top up in under 30 minutes!


Electric cars go further than ever before

“The average range of an electric car is now 181 miles - some cars can easily exceed 300 miles!”

For the longest time, electric vehicles failed to compete with traditional cars when it came to range. That time is now over.
With ranges of over 180 miles seen in many electric vehicles, there are plenty of options to satisfy most commuters!

The top line: how range do I need?

  • 76% of all trips in the UK are between 2-3 miles

  • Rapid (motorway) charging will refill the car in under 30 minutes

  • Home or street charging can give you a full battery overnight

  • Most people only refuel when they need to - like with a petrol car

Electric cars are much safer than you might think

“There are no safety features found on plug-in models that aren't found on conventional cars.”

Safety will always be a big consideration when choosing a car for you and your family. Electric cars are industry leaders when it comes to safety - with top of the range driving assistance features and Euro NCAP (crash test) scores. As a rule of thumb - if you expect a traditional car to have a feature, an electric car will at a minimum - have the same.

The top line: what makes them safer?

  • The handling is improved by placing heavier parts closer to the ground (the battery, for example)

  • Advanced safety features are added as standard

  • New electric cars will make noise at low speeds to warn pedestrians

  • New manufacturers are innovating quickly, and new features are being added all the time

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